Ammie and Kyle – Sandhurst Club

Ammie and Kyle childhood sweethearts were married at Sandhurst Club.  Their request was for a traditional wedding ceremony with some religious aspects to suit.
Their ceremony was attended by their three beautiful sons in the front row, grandparents, parents and all of their family members.
Being my first Ceremony of this type, I found this very exciting and I can say that Ammie and Kyle were very happy with their Ceremony.  We had three prayers which sent tingles through the guests.  A very loving and special union.
As you can see from their pics at Sandhurst Club it was a magical day.  The Wedding 26th August 2017 and the weather was perfect.  A little bit of chill, with some glorious sunshine and Sandhurst rolled out a gorgeous white carpet.
For Weddings at Sandhurst Club contact me first and I will check the dates for you as this is where I live.